Total Passes 1st Half - 238

Total Passes 2nd Half - 184

Mike - 8.5
Myungsoo - 8.7
Daniel - 10.0
Elkin - 8.9
Eugene - 9.8
Ethan - 10.0
Seb - 9.7
Ken - 9.5
Jordan - 10.0
Matt - 9.4
David - 9.2
Eric - 8.2
Diego - N/A
Sam - N/A

Mike - 8.5 - Good job in goal.  I just thought that for the first goal we conceded you could have gotten closer to the near post but in all fairness that opponent had too much space to pick his shot.  Meaning, his angle was open for an easy far post shot.  So I understand why you might have left the near post a bit more open than you normally would.  Definitely a bit less vocal this game than what I’m used to seeing from you, You were also comfortable with the ball at your feet as usual and showed great composure.  


Myungsoo - 8.7 - There were moments where you lost the ball far too easily, or even worse you just tried to kick the ball up the field.  Considering how far into the season we are, you should know that I would rather have you lose a ground pass then an air ball.  The few times you made a forward pass they were timed perfectly.  But a player of your quality shouldn’t be giving away the ball too easily.  Also, when that opponent dribbled in for the first goal, you let him by without any really challenge.  He dribbled into the box far too easily.  


Daniel - 9.6 - Excellent game.  You weren’t really involved with any of the goals we conceded, and you were very consistent through out the game.  Your positioning was excellent and you barely lost the ball.  Your pass success rate was a bit low in the first half and I was glad to see that it was raised in the second half.  It’s going to be interesting to see how you do against Dumont since they are a strong team.  


Elkin - 8.9 - You’re very reliable and able to play in any position.  You also scored a nice goal after playing as a striker for only 1 minute.  But none of that justifies some key mistakes.  The weak pass to the goalie in the second half, the poor defensive clearances that went straight to the opponent, and not getting into the right position quick enough.  ALSO, in the first goal we conceded the opponent dribbled by you far too easily.  We can’t forget those mistakes and I need you to raise your standards no matter who it is we’re playing.  


Eugene - 9.8 - Very consistent.  I don’t just mean this game.  You have been very consistent throughout the season.  You have a wonderful attacking flair and I really hope you get a goal or an assist from an open play before the season ends.  You defend very well 1 on 1 and you know exactly when to make a forward run.  One thing that I also really liked is your communication, you only ask for the ball when you know you can get it.  Very wise.  Keep up the good work.


Ethan - 10.0 - You were already having a great game in the 1st half, but 2nd half was absolutely incredible.  You were blocking all the right passing lanes, completed 95% of your passes, and took a couple of shots on goal to top it off.  You went to pass back when you couldn’t go forward and you moved the ball forward when you did have space to take.  You showed a perfect understanding of when to go up and when to go back, also of when to dribble and when to pass.  I’m very curious to see if you can stay consistent.  When we play Dumont, you have to keep in mind that they will frustrate you and force mistakes.  But as we discussed, mistakes always happen.  We just need to see if you will be able to recover from those mistakes and keep playing the way you should be playing.  


Seb - 9.7 - The only reason I didn’t give you a 10 is because I really thought you were struggling the first half.  I know you did great as far as numbers, but there were definitely moments where you slowed down the attack for too long by holding on to the ball too much.  But then there were moments where you did have to hold the ball for a while so that you can allow your teammates to get in the right positions and you did it perfectly.  It’s just difficult to know when to hold it and when not to hold it.  And we did score a goal when you made a great one touch pass to Ken.  But I also have to keep in mind that you lost possession 9 times and only had a 80% pass completion rate which is very low for your standards, which is also low for a center mid who's job is to not lose the ball.  One last thing, I really did like how you asked for the ball at the right times.  You did a good job talking when you had to.  


Ken - 9.5 - You lost the ball far too easily at times and it was a bit disappointing to watch in the first half.  You did have two assists and put yourself in great situations to score a goal, but frankly there was 1 chance in particular that you should have put away.  The reason you still received a high rating is because I really liked how you had some nice 1 touch passes that really helped shift the opposition.  


Jordan - 10.0 - 2 assists and a goal, all of which were excellent.  I know your other stats don’t really make for a convincing performance, but I personally thought you had an amazing game.  You had some incredible one touch passes and you also dribbled when you should have.  But your 1-touch and 2-touch passes are really what stood out today.  Even the goal that Elkin scored where Ken had the assist, you had an awesome quick pass that released Ken forward, I’m sure it’s in the video if you can see it.  So throughout the entire game your decisions were on the spot.  I absolutely love your style.  But it is unfortunate that it’s very difficult to play that way every game, especially as a winger since it’s an attacking position.  


Matt - 9.4 - You remind me of Inzaghi.  I mean look at your second half stats.  You only completed 6 passes and created 1 chance, but you scored 2 goals.  You’re always at the right place at the right time.  I would like to see you get more involved but you did great overall.  There were also a couple of times where you created a chance for yourself by dribbling by 2-3 opponents.  Good game overall, but we need to get your more involved on regular basis.


David - 9.2 - Poor second half, but perfect first half.  I love how you play as a striker, but importantly I love how the team plays with you being a striker.  Due to the way you play forward you should be completing a lot more passes or at the very least creating chances.  So that’s why I was really unhappy with your 2nd half performance, but for what it’s worth you did position yourself well second half and you also received the ball a lot.


Eric - 7.8 - Defensively you did well.  You also try to play the way the team would want you to play which is great.  But you lost the ball far too many times considering how often you received the ball, and as a defender that really shouldn’t be happening.  Hopefully with more games to come I’ll see an improvement in your Pass Success Rate because 45% in the second half is just too poor.  But again, you defended well.  So overall you didn’t do bad at all.   


Diego - N/A


Sam - 7.8 - You moved the ball quick when you had to, but you also lost the ball far too easily a couple of times, which is 2 too many considering how many times you had the ball.  Also, those two clips that you were in for the 2nd half video, I counted those as bad touches.  Frankly, you should have gotten to both balls.  Maybe the second one you couldn’t have controlled, but you didn’t even get a touch.  You need to work on your explosiveness and your ability to have a quick 1 second burst to get to the ball.  Your acceleration needs to get better.  I would work on short sprints if I were you.  Because I say this every game now, unless people pass you a perfect ball at your feet, you end up not getting the ball.  Same thing when it comes to you making difficult passes, others need to get a perfect touch because under pressure your passes are off.  For example, when Jordan almost got an assist and you passed it to him, that was a hard pass that was also a bit higher than it should’ve been.  Luckily Jordan got a perfect touch on it to continue his run.  But that pass shouldn’t have been that difficult.  That’s also in the video.