Sam - 8.4
Ken - 9.1
Ethan - N/A - I can’t remember you being on the ball much.
Eric - N/A - I can’t remember you being on the ball much, if at all during the second half.
Mark - 7.5
Diego - 9.4
Mike - 7.5
Myungsoo - 8.8
Daniel - 8.2
Joseph - 7.5
Matt - 9.4
Jordan - 9.2
Justin - 8.0
Ismail - 8.5
David - 8.8
Milan - 7.6
Eugene - 9.4
Seb - 9.4
Elkin - 9.4
Soni - 7.0
Ramazan - 8.9

Sam - 8.4 - Obviously I had to boost up your rating due to the goal.  Sure it might have been a bit lucky, but good players create their own luck.  And this game you were a good player.  In the beginning you still struggled with your first touch.  We will obviously work on it one on one this weekend, but you also need to work on being quick with your first couple of steps.  Besides that, you definitely looked a lot better than the previous game.  You were checking to the ball more then usual and you were also pressuring the ball a lot more than you did in the previous game.  It was nice to see you trying to be quick to press up the field and try to get our entire team engaged going forward.  That’s exactly how you should be leading the front line.


Ken - 9.1 - Frankly, I didn’t want to give you a high rating.  I was extremely unhappy with the way you were chasing the ball and not playing your position properly at all.  I know you might argue saying we were winning 3-0, but standards should not be lowered in that manner.  The reason you still received a high rating is due to scoring a goal and having great control of the ball every time you touched it.  If you can just become aware of where your teammates are, you’ll become an incredible player.  The quality of your footwork and the way you use your body to protect the ball is top notch.  But you have to remember that you’re not alone on the field.  You definitely pass and spread the ball well, but it’s your positioning that’s an issue.  You’re often taking away passing lanes to your teammates.  Going forward try to check your shoulder to see if you are creating a triangle or a straight line as discussed in practice today.


Mark - 7.5 - I had to give you a low rating due to a couple of key mistakes, but honestly, I’m very happy that you were willing to make mistakes for the sake of doing the right thing.  Yes, that resulted you in getting a low rating, but once you perfect those mistakes, you’re going to be an incredible goalie.  So, let’s go over a couple of those key mistakes.  On a number of occasions you called for the ball when you definitely shouldn’t have.  You should only say “Keeper” when you and your teammate are both safe, without an opponent in the way to perhaps intercept the ball.  Twice you asked for the defender to leave the ball when the opponent was right there between you and the defender.  In both instances the defender could’ve easily headed the ball in.  And at a higher level you will face opponents that are good enough to take advantage of those mistakes.  Coming off of your line you were definitely slow.  HOWEVER, I was very happy to see you trying hard to come out of your line.  There was an instant where if you weren’t close to the edge of your box, the opponent could’ve had a one on one opportunity with you.  So great job closing that down quickly.  But in another occasion you went off your line to grab the ball, miss-timed it, and the ball went over your head to the opponent and he kicked it in easily.  When we look at both situations, I love that you aren’t afraid to come out anymore.  At this point the important thing to work on is to know when to come out and when to hold back.  That will come with experience.  Just keep coming out when you think you should, and in time you’ll know when not to.


Diego - 9.4 - I’m not big on the crossing game, but your style of play definitely warmed me up to it.  Clearly I need to make some changes as a coach, and at times have a different approach to the games.  You did a wonderful job taking the ball down the wing and then crossing it in beautifully, which is why you picked up an assist early in the game.  You followed it up by having more quality crosses.  So the consistency was great.  BUT,  I do wish you would’ve tried mixing up your game a bit and maybe tried to cut inside to go through the middle with the ball.  There are times I will try you on the left side of the field to force you to do that since I’m sure you’d want to drive in with your right foot.  All in all great game.  For me, the biggest positive was that you really stayed wide and stretched the field.  I never even had to tell you that.  You did it so naturally.


Mike - 7.5 - We spoke during the game briefly, so this is mainly a summary of that.  You need to be aware of your surroundings a bit more.  There were times when all the defenders had stepped up except for you.  And just because you didn’t take 2 steps forward, the opponent was kept onside.  What if he had been a fast opponent and had received a decent through ball?  He would have been away on goal.  I wish you would have stepped up to leave him for offsides.  Do I expect you to struggle with this?  Absolutely.  You’re still learning how to play Center Back properly and I know it’s not easy since you’ve been a goalie for such a long time.  These things take time so don’t take it to heart.  It’s tough to look at the ball and know where the opponent is and know where the right back is and know where the left back is and know where the other center back is.  Trust me, I know.  In time you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll do a great job.


Myungsoo - 8.8 - You played really well.  You stepped up when you needed to and you held your ground when you needed to.  That sort of awareness when it comes to knowing when to be patient is really important when you’re playing defense.  My only big concern was when you thought you were Messi and you were dribbling through everyone on defense.  Super risky and most importantly super unnecessary.  Try to make safer decisions when you get the ball.  I am very happy about your transition from playing RB to CB.  Keep up the good work.


Daniel - 8.2 - Considering this was your first game, I was very happy with your performance.  For a center back who is tall, you used your height wisely, BUT you did not use your strength wisely.  The one play that of course comes to mind was when the opponent who was a lot faster than you decided to kick the ball by you and then chase after it.  We knew he was going to outrun you and I really wished you would have tried to put your body between the ball and him as quickly as possible.  I know when I mentioned this during the game you said you tried.  And I know this sounds old fashioned, but you need to try harder.  That opponent was literally in a one on one situation with the keeper.  Very risky and as a center back you HAVE to get your body in there.  Outside of that one massive mistake, you were excellent.  So overall you had a great game.  You won a lot of headers that came your way and best of all you were super calm on theball when you received it.  You stepped up at all the right times, intercepted many passes, and I especially loved how you distributed the ball forward on the ground, connecting many passes.  I hope to see this more often, BUT, I can see your lack of physicality being a major downfall against a strong opponent.  I hope you’ll prove me wrong.


Joseph - 7.5 - When you get a chance let me know why you weren’t at practice today.  ANYWAY… you struggled a bit during the game.  You definitely showed that you have good pace, and you also showed how well you can control the ball.  But you didn’t use either one effectively.  You know when you meet someone who’s very tall, and you think, “Man, he would be a great basketball player,” but than you find out that he doesn’t play basketball… that’s you right now.  You have great feet and great pace, so we need to figure out how you can be effective.  You should be making a huge impact on the game, so I hope we can soon figure out how to do that.


Matt - 9.4 - I feel like you can play any position very well, and the reason is because of your decision making on the ball.  You always make the right passes at the right time.  You always dribble at the right times as well.  And honestly, I just realized that those are the qualities that would make you a great center midfielder.  I may try you out there.  If you don’t feel comfortable with it just let me know, I’ll understand.  But your decision making is excellent and it’s the hardest thing for a player to learn.  And to have nailed it at your age is incredible.  Keep up the good work and we’ll see where we can go from here.


Jordan - 9.2 - Jordan there are definitely things that frustrate me about you time to time.  Today you didn’t come to practice, probably because you weren’t cleared to play, and honestly I totally get it.  I know you love playing and you physically hate not being able to play.  BUT, you could’ve still reached out to me and kept me posted.  Also, I asked if you did in fact have papers faxed to the school yesterday to allow you to play in the game.  You completely ignored it, unless you didn’t see it.  Frankly, if you lied about that I would understand why as well.  I know how much you want to play.  That doesn't make it okay to lie IF you did, I don’t know if you did or not.  I just hope you can open that door so we can communicate more.  Your communication hasn’t been the best.  ON TO THE GAME.  You did great.  Your touches on the ball were excellent, and the opponents had a lot of trouble keeping up with you.  You were very unpredictable on the ball and you just had incredible feet.  I also loved how you and Ken connected so well.  I will try to keep you guys on the same side so that you can connect even more in the future.  


Justin - 8.0 - You really struggled.  BUT, I’m glad that I can always trust you to play center defensive mid properly.  You held your position very well and you showed a lot of confidence.  That’s the most important thing and I’m very proud of you for that.  As I’ve said since the first week of the season, I see you improving the most by the end of the season.  A big reason for that is because you try really hard to not repeat mistakes.  Unfortunately, when it comes to technical issues, you just have to put in the work on your own time.  I’m happy to work with you one on one as well or even give you drills you can do at home, but you need to put in the work.  The only reason you didn’t have an excellent game was because you had a poor first touch far too many times and you made poor decisions far too often on the ball.  But second half you looked a lot better.  You even took a nice far shot when you should have.  So as I’ve said, confidence is very important and make sure you feed off of it.  


Ismail - 8.5 - Much better performance this game.  You weren’t running around non-stop, and you even had a couple of great chances in the box.  Much smarter off the ball, BUT you still moved around a bit more than you should.  You really need to evolve your game into knowing how to drag defenders around with you and when to check to the ball in order to receive it properly.  Don’t always be in a rush.  Remember, there’s a difference between playing quick and playing in a rush.  You’re always rushing.  Your strongest attribute this game was your ability to spread the ball wide and keep possession going forward.  Diego playing wide definitely helped you a lot and I think he was able to bring out the best in you.  I’ll need to keep that in mind.


David - 8.8 - I was happy about the shot you took when you scored the goal.  It was a lucky goal since the goalie really made a big mistake, but the confidence you showed to take that shot was excellent.  I just feel like you would have had a much better game if you didn’t force the ball up the field so much.  Your decision to always go up the field forced the center to be very bunched up when you could have definitely helped stretch the field.  


Milan - 7.6 - Same issues as the first game.  Great touches on the ball but you need to start using your body to keep the ball away from the opponents because you aren’t big and fast yet.  You’re still growing so trust me you will get there, but as of now you need to adapt your game.  You keep losing the ball too easily.  When you receive a pass, your first touch should be to keep your body between the ball and the opponent.  Fight to keep your body between those two.  You get a nice first touch on the ball but you’re not really trying to direct the ball anywhere specific with your touch, and as a result you keep losing the ball.


Eugene - 9.4 - You did not always go forward.  You occasionally cut the ball back and looked to play the ball backwards as well.  EXCELLENT improvement from the first game.  On top that, you took directions very well second half by always flying up the left side as a left back.  The fact that you are also great on the ball was very consistent this game.  Great job overall and even though you don’t like playing left back you are doing a great job.  You also defended very well and we almost never got penetrated on your side of the field.  For your future I would try to keep this in mind… if you have an attack minded coach who loves to have their fullbacks attack, then definitely play left back because you’re amazing at it.  If you have a defensive minded coach then play left midfield/wing.  But that’s just my advice, at the end of the day it’s your call.


Seb - 9.4 - Another excellent game.  Great feet and wonderful eye for penetrating passes.  And you knew when to turn around to pass it back in order to keep possession.  You’re turning into an excellent player and your competitiveness during practice is a big part of that.  Your ability to know when to pass right away, when to keep the ball, when to dribble forward or back, how long to keep the ball in order to draw in the opponent and then make the right pass, it’s all incredible for a player your age and more importantly for a player of your size.  You are showing everyone that size is not a factor at all when it comes to playing center midfield.  Your ability to use your body properly to keep the opponent away is incredible.  Keep up the great work and keep doing what you’re doing.  


Elkin - 9.4 - Finally a defender who is containing PERFECTLY.  You were literally sideways on, back peddling, and waited for the right time to steal the ball.  That also allowed us to have more players get back to help defend.  The delay was excellent and it just shows was a great defender you are.  You were also very physical, and that helped us a lot on defense.  I won’t do it a lot probably but I do love seeing you play as a RB/LB.  You were great going up the field and really pushed our entire team to go up the field together because you were able to take the ball down the line so well.  For varsity I think it would be wise for you to try out as an outside back.  But at the end we’ll have to see what you're most comfortable with.  We also need to get you to play against quality players in the off season in order to get you used to playing against very technical players that are difficult to defend one on one.


Soni - 7.0 - Your positioning was very poor, BUT keep in mind that I’m an attack minded coach.  There were many times you should have stepped up to intercept the pass but you never did.  You kept saying behind the opponent who was facing his teammate with the ball.  What frustrated me was not only did the opponent easily get the ball at his feet, but he was also able to turn and face you without a problem.  If you are going to let the opponent receive the ball that’s fine.  Maybe you are very defensive minded and you want to defend the player after he gets the ball.  I get it.  But, why not get so tight on him in order to force him to go back?  Why not get so tight on him so that he can’t turn and face you with the ball easily?  Personally, I think you’re lacking confidence.  And it’s definitely my fault for the most part.  I played you as a Right Back when you and I both know that you are not confident with the ball at your feet, and as a right back for us you really need to be comfortable with the ball at your feet.  So as you can see, it’s my fault for not playing you as a center back, which I think you’d be great at.  I put you in a position that I should have known you would have struggled in so I’m sorry for that.  But, even as a center back at a higher level you will need to improve your footwork.  I would highly recommend doing some drills at home with the ball to help you with that.  If you need any advice let me know.  You have huge potential, let’s not let it go to waste.


Ramazan - 8.9 - WHAT A GAME.  Totally caught me by surprise.  It’s funny because I actually remember thinking how you were looking really good during the warm up.  And long and be hold, you had a great game.  Your first touch on the ball when receiving a pass was excellent, and your ability to look for a pass was great as well.  There were definitely moments where you could have created a great goal scoring opportunity but I think at times you caught yourself by surprise for being in such situations.  As the game went on you showed more and more confidence.  That fake shot where you forced two opponents to slide in front of you and made our entire bench scream at the top of their lungs was truly a special moment.  You should be very proud of yourself as we all are.  Now the biggest question… was this a fluke?  I don’t think it was, but being consistent is going to be an issue.  Of course I really hope you prove me wrong.  Let’s see what happens.