Team - We have to be able to move the ball to the teammates that have a defender on their back.  I saw that being avoided today at practice as well.  It's not often that you will have a teammate that is completely open.  In order to keep moving the ball we have to trust our teammates and pass it to them even if they have a defender tight on their back.

Defense - You have to make sure that you are very tight and compact the second we lose the ball.  And if one of you pressures the ball the other 3 have to get even tighter.  

Midfield - Same as defense.  Nothing changes.

Nick / Rausch - Be sure to stay goal side of the opponents, and bump them before the ball is played to them.  And make sure you are tight the split second we don't have the ball as a team.

Mike / Kyle - You guys have to make sure you get back to help defend.