Total Passes in 1st Half = 119

Total Passes in 2nd Half = 97

Mark - 7.4
Eugene 8.4
Elkin - 8.0
Matt - 7.9
Myungsoo - 7.5
Ethan - 7.5
Ken - 10.0
Seb - 8.9
Abdul - 7.4
Jordan 7.1
Ismail - 6.9
Joe - 6.7
Eric - 7.1
Justin - 7.5
Aaron - N/A (Check Comments)
David - N/A

Mark - 7.5 - Unfortunately, as a goalie a small hiccup can be very costly.  So you can imagine the impact of multiple hiccups.  The first two goals that were conceded could have been avoided.  Was it any single person’s fault?  Absolutely not.  But multiple things could have been done in order to better help the situation.  You need to be more vocal in goal.  There is no point in calling for the ball when your teammate is already an inch away from getting the ball.  You need to be more aggressive coming out of goal.  There is no point in coming out of goal if you’re not 100% committed.  I saw a big lack of confidence this game and until you’re loud and aggressive, you will struggle in goal.  I would have much rather conceded 10 goals and seen you be more aggressive and controlling of the defense.  You had a couple of incredible reflex saves, but instead of having that build your ego, it appeared to have made zero difference. 


Eugene 8.4 - As usual you had a great game.   You didn't have a costly error despite the defense getting attacked constantly, and your success rate was very high when you account for the passes you completed vs the passes you didn’t complete.  I do wish you had gone up the field more but I understand how difficult it was since the ball was turned over a lot more than usual.  But it would be interesting to see if you can go up the field even in a bad game we are having as a team.  


Elkin - 8.0 - Overall, you had a good game.  At the end of the day the numbers don’t lie.  You had strong stats.  However, you made a lot of key mistakes.  Your first touches were often poor, and your first time attempts in clearing the ball was a disaster.  Fortunately, you recovered well from your own mistakes, but it did force you to kick the ball up randomly since your poor first attempts were often followed by desperate clearances.  It also allowed the opponents to close us down tighter because they would anticipate a turnover.  I did like you as a left wing since you were going up a lot, but as a center back you struggled.  I think you made more mistakes in this game than you have the whole season combined.  Remember, you can also pass it really hard up the field so that if the opponents steals the ball it’ll probably go out of bounce.  I just felt like you played the game as if you were rushing a lot and second half you seemed to be more relaxed.


Matt - 7.9 - The biggest mistake you made was leaving the opponent wide open in front of goal.  I don’t know how he didn't score, but talk about being out of position… not him, he was in great position.  You just really need to be more aware of where everyone is.  This is also going to relate to my second point which is… you keep forcing the ball forward.  Truth be told, I loved how you played as a winger and I have to play you there more often before the season comes to a close.  Because you do dribble the ball well and in the middle of the field you dribble into a dead end.  However, on the wing you have more space to use your strengths.  That’s why you struggled a bit in the middle, but you did excellent on the wing.  


Myungsoo - 7.5 - Your rating took a dive due to the first goal.  Granted it looked like Mark called for the ball too late, but with that said, you did have two touches on the ball.  After getting a touch on it, you could have totally kicked it out.  It was terrible goal to concede and fortunately you won’t make that mistake again so it’s fine.  Just trust yourself to know what’s best.  I’m sure you felt like you should’ve kicked the ball away as soon as possible.  Other than that, you had a strong game.  You connected passes well and had the opponents on lockdown for the most part.  


Ethan - 7.5 - As a CDM your success rate should be over 70%.  And even that is poor.  The reason being, you intercepted passes a lot AND when you get the ball you have 5 players behind you that you can pass it to.  There’s really no reason to why you didn’t have a high success rate in passing.  Something that has been a common theme in the past couple of games for you, have been poor touches and forcing the ball forward.  I know it’s tough not to go forward, especially when you are a good technical player.  But, there’s a difference between being technical and being smart.  Your understanding of the game is high and you’re a very intelligent person, but on the field we don’t see it as much.  Control the game Ethan.  You should literally be controlling these games.  


Ken - 10.0 - I’m going to put something in perspective for you.  When Chelsea played Arsenal, and Arsenal won 3 - 0 of course, Fabregas only played 55 minutes.  The whole purpose of Fabregas is for him to possess the ball for the team.  That’s his job, and it always has been.  In those 55 minutes, he had 33 accurate passes.  You only played 24 minutes in the first half and you completed 20 passes.  That’s ridiculous.  Granted you couldn’t do the same thing in the second half when you played again, BUT the fact that you were capable of performing like that against a strong team like Hackensack when half of our players were struggling is incredible.  Great game and you should be very proud of yourself.  


Seb - 8.9 - You created the most chances in the team, so that helped you with the rating.  However, you really did struggle in the second half.  This may have been one of those games where you had to release the ball quicker because the opponents kept stealing the ball from you easily.  There will be games where you can’t hold on to the ball as much.  It’s important to recognize that early on and adjust accordingly.


Abdul - 7.4 - There were moments where you played just the way I want you to play.  You checked back to get the ball, passed it back, and tried to have a bit of a possession game.  I just felt as though you were doing it for the sake of doing it where doing it because you saw a nice passing lane going backwards.  The reason I’m saying this is because you lost the ball a lot from poor passes.  It was almost as if you were forcing the passes rather than actually trying to find a good pass.  As an attacking player I know that you are suppose to lose the ball more than other players, but I can’t understand how your Positive Impact number in the Stat Sheet was a NEGATIVE 4 in the first half.  That’s really poor and clearly many poor decisions were made on the ball.  Which is very surprising considering how good you are with your feet.  


Jordan 7.1 - Even though you played better in the second half, you actually were a lot less effective going forward in the second half.  I would’ve rather seen you take on opponents and create chances up the field, but I understand the need to play conservative when you’re struggling, which you did well.  But even so, I’m saying you did well second half because I’m comparing it to how you played in the first half, which was an unfortunate performance.  You looked beat, and not in the game.  Truth be told, I don’t really have advice.  You’ve been great lately and we’re all allowed to have a bad day.  It was just unfortunate that it happened during an important game.  Happens to the best of us.  Take it on the chin and just move forward.  


Ismail - 6.9 - You played 25 minutes in total, and in those 25 minutes you completed 1 pass and lost the ball twice.  I really want you to think about that.  Those are really bad numbers Ismail.  What can we do to change that?  For staters, STOP GOING FORWARD ALL THE TIME.  Ismail, just because you’re a forward doesn’t mean you have to keep going forward.  Check back to the ball, scream for a pass, get open, and try your best to touch the ball.  There really isn’t much that justifies lack of involvement.  119 passes were made in the first half, and in the 20 minutes you played during that time, you only accounted for 1 of those passes.  


Joe - 6.7 - In the 20 minutes that you played, you lost the ball 3 times and completed 0 passes.  A lot of what I wrote for Ismail relates to you as well so I’d read his comments.   You kept forcing the ball up the field, and you should have tried getting more involved by checking back to the midfield more and not always hanging out up the field.  If the center midfielders seemed to be forced back a bit, than you should have came back a bit as well so that you could have had a better chance to receive the ball at your feet and then connect a pass.  And putting your play to the side for a moment, I do have an issue about you not being willing to play defense.  I understand that you don’t want to play defense, and I’m not the type to play someone in a position that they really don’t want to play, but the fact that we needed a center back and you would have rather sit on the bench… I mean think about it, in 20 minutes that you played, you made 0 positive contributions.  If you had even stolen the ball from the opponent once, that would have been great.  I mean after that sort of a performance, how can I put you back in as a forward?  Yes you scored two wonderful goals against Dumont, and then a goal against Westwood.  But both games you only made a short impact.  It’s either you score in the first 10 minutes that you’re in the game, or you don’t do anything.  You need to be able to mix up your game.  You’re becoming one dimensional.  


Eric - 7.1 - Really poor first half.  You turned the ball over way too many times without completing passes.  Granted the second half was tremendously better.  The style that you play, which is pressing high up the field and starting attacks as a defender, you need to be very confident from the moment that you enter the game.  If you mess up, mess up because you were 100% confident.  


Justin - 7.5 - I gave you a 7.5 because you had a decent game without any noticeable mistakes.  Of course I would’ve preferred you not kicking the ball up much on defense but you did save us on a couple of occasions.   You did look uncomfortable out there and there’s a good chance it was due to lack of practice prior to the game along with the fact that it was a county game.  And those were my mistakes since I should’ve recognized it before putting you in the game.  But for what it’s worth, you had a good game.


Aaron - N/A - I can’t get over the style you play.  I personally am not a fan of it.  I know for a fact that there are coaches out there that would love the way you play and prefer having you play every minute of the game.  Unfortunately I’m not one of those coaches.  You keep forcing the play forward.  And the one or two instances where you might lay it off to a midfielder, you end up sprinting up the field to look for the return ball.  So what happens is that your game is very predictable.  When I saw you in the freshman game, I thought it was great that you dropped back a few times in order to get the ball.  In fact, I loved it.  But than you would just book it forward with full speed.  And yes, I saw you dribble past a few opponents, it was incredible.  But please understand that you were simply sprinting by them (kicking and running), you were not showing good feet in order to run by them.  MEANING, against good opponents who know how to use their body, you will struggle immensely.  In order to stop that from happening, you need to do some feints and fakes while dribbling at a high speed, ALSO you need to know when to let go of the ball.  Your decision making while dribbling forward needs to be tweaked as well.  You have ridiculous amount of potential Aaron.  You can easily become an incredible player.  But to be very honest, I’ve seen players with similar abilities never grow as a player and stay exactly where they are as well.  So, 3 years from now you will either become an incredible player who knows how to control the ball at top speed while knowing when to pass, when to dribble, and when not to run up the field, OR, you will stay the same.  It’s up to you.