Mike - 8.2
Myungsoo - 8.4
Eugene - 9.0
Daniel - 8.3
Elkin - 8.4
Matt - 8.3
Jordan - 8.1
Diego - 7.5
Seb - 7.9
Ethan - 9.0
Ken - 7.8
Jeremy - 7.6
Aaron - 7.9
Abdul - 8.4
David - 8.0
Mark - 8.2
Joe - N/A
Milan - N/A
Eric - N/A

Mike - 8.2-  Definitely did everything I wanted you to do.  Came out of goal at the most perfect times and you were very unlucky to not have saved the penalty kick.  Defensively you weren’t in long enough for me to rate you, so hopefully I’ll see more of it this week to get a better idea of how you’re doing on defense.


Myungsoo - 8.4-  Good game overall, but rough around the edges in the first half.  I need you to push up more and pressure high.  There were too many instances in the first half where you gave the opponent time to receive the ball, turn with the ball, and then have 10 yards to dribble forward.  Also, you’re strong on the ball.  There’s no reason to why you should not be confident when you have the ball at your feet.  The way you began to start attacks were excellent as the game went on but I wish I didn’t have to tell you to do it.


Eugene - 9.0-  Excellent game.  Very unlucky with the penalty kick call against you.  The moments you started the attacks for us and the moments you pushed so high up the field were timed perfectly.  That’s on top of having defended well.  I think as an attacking left back you’re doing excellent.  Keep up the good work.


Daniel - 8.3-  I didn’t show it in the videos, because you were at the opposite side of the field and it was difficult to see,  but you got beat one on one fairly easily a couple of times.  They could’ve ended very badly with them scoring.  If you want to see the video let me know and I’ll try to find the clip and send it to you.  Besides those two moments however, you did great.  You intercepted passes very well and connected passes going forward in order to start attacks.  Again, don’t let moments tell you how well you played.  You had couple of bad moments but overall great game.  The big complaint I do have, and it goes for Elkin as well, is that we didn’t push high up the field.  It was a small field and I think we could have pushed up a lot more defensively.


Elkin - 8.4-  Reliable as always.  Couple of wonderful tackles and you won a lot of headers.  One thing I will say is this… Maldini said it best, “If you have to make a slide tackle, that means you were a step too late”.  As great as your slide tackles were, could you have been there sooner?   Also, I was really unhappy with how little we pushed up the field.  You and Daniel really hung back way more than you had to.  Next game I’d like to see you guys push up a lot more.


Matt - 8.3-  Way to score the PK of course.   As a striker you really struggled but that’s my fault for not playing you up there before.  So that’s not your fault, it’s on me.  I liked you as a center mid a lot.  You won the ball and distributed nicely, but playing there also gave you the opportunity to dribble forward without feeling exposed in the back.  Your switch to center back was tactical and you performed very well back there as expected.  Frankly, you’re playing every position well.  It’s going to be very difficult to say one specific position is yours.  


Jordan - 8.1-  You played very well, but the low rating is due to the fact that once you dribbled forward brilliantly, there was zero execution since you often lost the ball easily.  I know I partially messed up for not playing you on the right side which I think would’ve brought out the best in you, but there’s really no excuse as to why you couldn’t center the ball with the outside of your right foot or even swing your left foot to just make contact with the ball and send it to the front of the goal.  It was disappointing to say the least and with your ability and creativity I expect so much more.


Diego -  7.5-  You had one good cross.  Besides that you were invisible and very uninvolved.  Also, you kept going forward, which is something we have talked about before as a team.  You need to know when to check back to the ball and help keep possession instead of always trying to force your way up the field.  If I was playing and I felt very uninvolved, I would have screamed for the ball while getting into every open position possible, making sure I got into every passing open passing lane.


Seb - 7.9-  What a struggle.  The field was tough so I know it was rare that you received a pass on the ground at your feet.  This just wasn’t your game.  It happens to the best of us.  Let’s just see what happens next game.  


Ethan - 9.0-  You literally did everything that was asked of you.  You dropped back when you had to and you pushed up when you should have.  My only two concerns are that when you draw in the defender and make a forward pass, you always go forward without looking to see if you already have a teammate up there to support your teammate with the ball.  My second concern is that you really need to know when to release the ball quicker and when to hold it longer.  Also, and this is a big one Ethan, if you can use your body to do small feints and shield the ball properly, you’d definitely reach the next level because you would never lose the ball.  Just like that kid in the cage.  Also, look up Patrick Viera Highlights.


Ken - 7.8-  There were glimpses where you showed what you’re capable of, but you always went forward and you always tried to take the most difficult route.  Just keep it simple sometimes and play the short passes.  I think if you can alter your game a bit to go backwards sometimes, you’d be a much better player due to the fact that you’d lose the ball a lot less as a center midfielder.


Milan - N/A


Eric - N/A


Jeremy - 7.6-  Pure athleticism, little bit of soccer.  It really is simple as that.  You were running around a lot but a lot of it was without paying attention to where to run, when to run, or where your teammates were.  You need to be aware of other positioning.  Can you take away a passing lane that the opponent has?  Can you create a passing lane for your teammate?  A lot of running without enough thinking.  I think you are capable of doing some serious damage, but you really need to get comfortable on the field.  PLEASE READ COMMENTS ON AARON, ALL OF IT APPLIES TO YOU AS WELL.


Aaron - 7.9-  A player of your quality should be unpredictable.  But you were the opposite.  You were easy to read and showed almost zero creativity.  I expect a lot more.  You lost the ball far too easily far too often.  When an opponent goes against you, they should be afraid to go in for a steal because of how well you can keep the ball.  But that wasn’t even close to happening.  You even looked uncomfortable on the field.  You can’t play in an attacking position without being confident.  Just be 100% positive in your decisions.  Even if you mess up badly, mess up on your own terms, not on someone else’s.  Don’t ever second guess yourself on the field because that’s when poor decisions happen.  I also wish you didn’t always go forward.  Keep the ball individually AND as a team.  Meaning possess the ball by shielding and small touches, then pass back if you have to.


Abdul - 8.4-  Strong game overall, but you did keep forcing the ball up the field which was frustrating to say the least.  I wish you could have played the ball back sometimes to keep possession and then go back up the field once we found a good penetrating pass as a team.  You did win the PK which was great.  But as I like to say, 1 or 2 moments is not what makes you a great player, consistent play makes you a great player.  You had couple of great moments, but outside of that it was a disappointing performance.  


David - 8.0 - I loved the style you play.  You always drew in the defender and then laid the ball off for a nice pass.  The reason I love how you use the outside of the foot to pass a lot is because it makes you unpredictable as a player.  It’s unpredictable because when you use the outside of the foot, it looks like you’re just taking a step to the side or forward.  It’s just a nice disguise and a quick pass.  Unfortunately you weren’t able to create any chances.


Joe - N/A


Mark - 8.2-  Good game overall.  Couple of key moments where you could have showed a bigger presence in the box when the ball was coming down from the air, but those are just moments.  As a whole you had a great game.  But don’t be afraid to be confident, yell for the ball, and come out 100% committed.  You should own the box.