Mike - 7.4
Myungsoo - 7.4
Daniel - 9.1
Eugene - 8.3
Ethan - N/A
Seb - 8.4
Ken - 7.5
Jordan - 8.5
Matt - 8.2
David - 7.8
Eric - 7.4
Diego - N/A
Kerdo - 8.0
Ismail - 8.2
Diego - N/A
Justin - 8.3

Mike - 7.4 - On the back passes from the left side, I wish you would have opened up your hips to allow yourself to see the other side of the field.  Also, I felt as though you were forcing a pass to the defenders rather than seeing if it was the right time to pass it to them.  


Myungsoo - 7.4 - Your first touches definitely let you down, and on a few occasions you kicked the ball out far too impatiently.  And of those few occasions, many of them should’ve been kicked far.  There is no point in making a pass in the air that’s only going 10 yards when you’re acenter back and you’re giving it to the right back.  By the time he controls it the pressure is too tight.  


Daniel - 9.1 - Strong game.  I was happy with how well you recovered from a few defensive errors and how well you positioned yourself throughout the game.  Keep up the consistency.


Eugene - 8.3 - Lost far too many passes than I’m used to seeing from you.  But I was happy to see you defend well 1 on 1 and also go flying up the wing so there were definitely plenty of positives.  


Ethan - N/A - Great game up until you got injured.  Very unfortunate.


Seb - 8.4 - Lost the ball far more than I would’ve liked to see from you, however, I was very happy that you were one of the only players that really tried to make penetrating passes going forward.  Keep up the creativity and hopefully you’ll be rewarded for your great vision next game.


Ken - 7.5 - Very frustrating game.  Your first touches were poor, passes were poor, decision making was poor, and what’s worse is than you never even sprinted back after making a big mistake.  Poor game all around and if you don’t have a intense start to the next game I will be looking to sub you off early on.


Jordan - 8.5 - One of the only consistent threats for the opposition throughout this match.  Great use of your body and wonderful timing on your runs as usual.  Keep up the good work.  Also, great job on that goal.


Matt - 8.2 - Not a bad game, but unfortunately the result doesn’t help.  Just remember to mark up tightly when you play defense and also to take away passing lanes.  Those were the only negatives I saw from the clips.  Check your shoulder and be aware of where the opponents are.  


David - 7.8 - It was difficult for you to get involved.  But on that note, you also lost the ball more than usual.  I know we were being pressed high but I feel like you could have controlled the situation better.  


Eric - 7.4 - You did a great job stepping up and pressuring the opponents.  I also like that you are comfortable with the ball and allow yourself to look for a pass and complete it as soon as possible.  My only, and biggest, criticism is your defending.  You get pushed off the ball far too easily and I’d like to see you use your body more.  


Diego - N/A - Great shot, not a bad game, but lack of video in the second half prevents me from commenting more.


Kerdo - 8.0 - Overall, disappointing.  I expect a lot more.  You forced the ball up the field far too often, and you lost the ball way too much.  You also made a lot of passes without any purpose in them.  You should have seen that you couldn’t outrun these defenders and adjusted your game.  Very one dimensional and the only reason your rating is an 8.0 is because you scored and put yourself in a good spot for it.


Ismail - 8.2 - We talked about your performance a few times already.  Just play the next game the way you ended this one.  


Justin - 8.3 - Good job.  I was happy with your movement and how well you talked to your teammates.  But your first touch really needs to improve as it made you look poor.  But overall good game.