Sam - 7.7
Ken - 9.2
Diego - 8.8
Mike - 8.6
Myungsoo - 9.8
Joseph - 9.4
Matt - 9.2
Jordan - 8.7
David - 8.4
Milan - 7.8
Seb - 9.8
Elkin - 8.9
Erik - 9.4
Kerdo - 9.4
Ethan - 9.7

Sam - 7.7 - Very unrealistic decisions this game.  There was a moment where you kicked the ball forward and tried to beat the defender to it, knowing that you wouldn’t have been able to beat him.  You also had other few misjudgments.  For example, slide tackling to get the ball and completely missing it.  There were only couple of key moments where you had a decent first touch and you connected passes.  However, those were only moments.  As a whole you still struggled in the game and there is still a lot of work that needs to get done.


Ken - 9.2 - Started the game off poorly.  Trying to take a free kick by the 40 yard line when you were playing forward was just a bad call.  Granted it’s also my fault for playing you in a position that you never played in this whole season, including pre-season.  When you went back in the game as a center mid you did incredible.  You won a lot of tackles, dribbled by the opponents very easily, and used your body wisely to hold off defenders.  My only big concern was that you tried to go forward with the ball more than you had to.  I’m glad that your first option is to go forward, as it should be, but I wish you would know if that option is there or not before you get the ball so that you can play the ball backwards when you have to in order to keep possession.  I’m hoping that you can see from some of the drills we have been doing in practice that at times we need to keep the ball moving in order to find those openings and penetrating passes.  We can’t just force it up the field every time.


Diego - 8.8 - Great game.  You really stretched the field and opened up very well.  Overall, I was extremely happy with how you played.  But that one moment where you didn’t play a quick pass backwards really destroyed us.  That turnover resulted in a great attack from Dumont.  I definitely want you to take risks, and take chances going forward.  But the issue I have here is that the RB was wide open AND you were already facing him with the ball at your feet.  It wasn’t as if you were facing forward and he was behind you, which I would be more understanding about.  It’s the fact that you were facing him and he was wide open.  I know those 10 yard passes may seem useless, but I hope you can see in this example that it speaks volumes.  We literally lost the ball and conceded a goal in that moment.  But again, that was just a moment to learn from, you had a great game and your rating shows that.


Mike - 8.6 - You haven’t played in goal in a couple of games, and you haven’t played in goal in practices either, so I know playing in goal against Dumont probably didn’t feel all too natural.  But you did a great job.  You came out when you should’ve, even came out of the box when the ball was on the other side of the field, and you really did make a few great saves without giving away any rebounds.  You definitely had a solid game.  Are there things you can do better? Yes of course.  Perhaps be more vocal with the defenders and take a bit more charge.  But at the end of the day it was just unfortunate that we conceded two goals because you played so well.


Myungsoo - 9.8 - Amazing game.  You completely shut down your side of the field.  There wasn’t much that I thought you could have done other then go forward more to help with the attack.  But it sort of worked out since Erik was going up a lot.  But that’s definitely the next biggest thing you can do to really improve your game.  Defensively you were excellent.  You won every tackle and constantly made the right decision.  Honestly, if you had just gone up the field to attack just a little bit more, you would have received a 10 for sure.  But not go up too much, just enough to start a few attacks and keep the opponents back there on their half of the field.


Joseph - 9.4 - The timing of your runs are ridiculously amazing.  Especially that ball Sebi played to you.  I think many strikers would have been offsides because they would have jumped the gun a bit too early.  But not you.  You timed it to perfection, as you did with most of your runs.  We all knew you were fast and good with your feet, but the fact that you time your runs well means that you can take advantage of those attributes.  Your finishing ability was also wonderful.  You made both of your goals look incredibly easy when in reality they were difficult to finish.  Hats off all around and I hope you can keep up the good work.  My only suggestion would be to not make those runs CONSTANTLY.  You wore yourself out as the game went on and you became predictable.  Sometimes just check back to the ball and lay it off to someone.  I actually had a higher rating for you, but as the game went on you really did look like a different player.  You looked beat and worn out.  I hope you can be consistent throughout the game.  That doesn’t mean keep scoring throughout the game.  But you should be able to have a presence throughout the game and create a headache for the opponents the whole game.


Matt - 9.2 - As usual you had a strong game.  You are very consistent and you’ve set a standard for how the game should be played on defense.  The only thing I really have to say is that next game I am looking to play Daniel and Elkin on defense as center backs.  I might play you out wide as a winger OR put you as a center midfielder since I wanted to try you out there.  If you have any thoughts please feel free to share them.  Daniel has been doing great in practice and fortunately you can play in any position.  If you want to play center back just let me know and I can move Elkin into another position.


Jordan - 8.7 -  Unfortunately I played you out of position as a center forward so that was definitely not your fault.  On the wing you were getting a bit beat up and you looked out of it earlier than you should’ve in the game.  As far as decision making and touches on the ball, you were excellent, but you weren’t effective as we have come to expect from you.  However, you still had a solid game controlling the ball well.    I do wish you had tried to go around the keeper in that one situation because there weren’t any defenders on you and you are definitely good enough with your feet to beat the goalie.  But it’s funny isn’t it, because if you had scored, than we wouldn’t have this conversation right now.  


David - 8.4 - I want to talk about the one on one chance you missed with the goalkeeper.  You were one on one with him for about 30 yards, because you were by yourself for 30 yards.  Now, I have to give credit where it’s due, which is the fact that if it wasn’t for your great positioning and run, you would have never been in that amazing situation in the first place.  So great job on that.  You decided to go around the goalkeeper, and frankly that was the right decision.  Because earlier in the game, Jordan didn't do that and I told him he should have gone around the keeper.  One big problem you had was that you took a massive touch that unfortunately didn’t allow you to take a shot after going by the keeper.  But the biggest issue I had and the biggest suggestion I have for you is to take a fake step to the right next time if you are going to go left.  All you did was go straight towards the goalie, then go left.  There was no fake or anything.  Just a simple, OBVIOUS, change of direction.  Because of that you had to take a big touch than didn’t allow you to shoot on goal.  If you had just taken a fake step to the left it could have made a world of difference.


Milan - 7.8 -  Same thing as always.  Great touches on the ball, but you keep losing it afterwards.  You had couple of moments that were great where you passed the ball very cleverly, but overall you struggled in the game for the same reasons you have been struggling in other games.   And until I see an improvement, you will get less and less playing time.  But the funny thing is that at yesterday’s practice you looked amazing.  You held on to the ball very well, didn’t lose the ball after your first touch at all, and you just looked comfortable and confident.  HOWEVER, you did still lose the ball a lot because you didn’t pass when you should’ve.  For what it’s worth, I would rather have you hold on to the ball longer and lose the ball after 5 touches then to lose the ball after your first touch.  So I was extremely happy with what I saw in practice, but you still need to work on keeping the ball and connecting passes.  If you can continue what you did yesterday, you will significantly grow as a player in a short period of time. 


Seb - 9.8 - Your very high rating is due to the consistency you had throughout the game.  You held on to the ball and released it at all the right times.  The timing of your passes, the weight of your passes, the decision making you had, everything was spot on.  I’m sure it also helped that everyone else on the team was playing so well.  


Elkin - 8.9 - Another strong performance.  On defense you’ve just been excellent.  The own goal was super unlucky and it happens to the best of us.  I hope you can appreciate the fact that you at least got to that ball.  Other than that, you had an incredible game.  Very reliable back there with your feet, passed the ball up the field very well, and all the right decisions were made.  Just keep up the good work.


Erik - 9.4 - I absolutely love how you step up to intercept the passes.  That’s on top of the fact that you’ve been doing an amazing job going up the field.  Naturally that left an opening on your side of the field a few times, and we just gotta work on when to drop as soon as possible.  Perhaps anticipating the ball being turned over and having to recover sooner.  Overall, amazing game and I love how you played.  


Kerdo -  9.4 - You really fit the way we play.  Your runs are excellent, the timing of your runs are excellent, and the way you used your body was very wise.  The style you played really reminded me of Cavani.  Strong and tough on the ball, but can also make runs and have a great finish with the inside of his foot to the far post.  A classic number 9.  I had two main concerns however which actually held you back from getting a 9.7.  One was early on when you didn’t pass the ball back to an open teammate.  I had literally just yelled at Diego for not doing the same thing.  Did you ever make that mistake again?  No you didn’t, so I loved that you learned from it and grew as a player while the game was going on.  But at the same time, you are at a level where I shouldn’t have to remind you to do that.  Your back is to the opponent’s goal, your facing a teammate that’s wide open and is 10 yards away, yet you’re trying to dribble and turn with the ball.  Why not lay it off to him and then open up to receive it back so that he can draw in the defender and when you get the ball back you’ll have the space to go forward?  The second concern I had is that you kept looking for a through ball in the second half instead of trying to mix it up and check back to get the ball and lay it off to a teammate.  You became predictable as the game went on and you forced some of the midfielders to make the wrong decisions because now they kept trying to do a through ball.  Overall, amazing game, but there’s small tweaks you need to make and once you do, you’ll be an amazing player.


Ethan - 9.7 - You were like Mekelele.  You probably don’t know who he is.  He was a player that no one would notice on the field, because he’s just was just to shut down the opponents attacks, win the ball, and then just connect passes.  That was you.  You shut down the opponents, won the ball, and distributed the ball perfectly.  I LOVED how you played.  Were there moments where you lost the ball easily?  Yes of course.  But you're young, so it’s expected.  Did it happen a lot?  No it did not.  You were incredible.  And you shut down that number ten perfectly when I asked you to.  I know it wasn’t an easy task, I know it was an annoying job to have, and you did it perfectly.  The only suggestion I would have is to know when you can run forward.  I’m not sure if you remember but there was a moment when Elkin ran all the way up the field and created a great chance for us.  That was because he started an attack and kept the momentum going for himself.  He only did it once, but it was perfect.  As a CDM, I think you can do that a few times in a game.  I know you were man marking a player so you may have felt like you didn’t have that freedom, and you’re right you didn’t.  But second half you weren’t man marking him after you told me how you shouldn’t.  That’s when you could have gone forward more when you had the chance.  Also, I love that you recognized he was out wide too much and uninvolved, which is exactly why I said you’re right and to just play your position regularly.  Great job all around.  You also showed good feet in holding on to the ball, winning 50/50s, and distributed the ball VERY well because you didn’t keep passing forward, you passed it in every direction.