“Evan - 8.6
Matt - 9.4
Michael - 7.5
Myungsoo - 7.8
Eugene - 8.7
Ethan - 7,7
Seb - 9.5
Ken - 9.0
Jordan - 8.0
Ismail - 7.2
Milan - 7.0
Justin - 7.1
Elkin - 8.8”

Evan - 8.6 - You definitely looked like you’ve been playing goalie for years, despite having only started a few months ago.  The couple of key areas that I felt like you need to improve in were goal kicks (mainly getting the ball up and high off the ground), not rushing out of the goal quick enough (which we have spoken about many times before), and most importantly, when and where to throw the ball after having made a save.  On too many occasions you rushed to distribute the ball when our forward was surrounded by 4 defenders and the side midfielders had pressure on them along with having a few of our players inside our own 18 yard box.  Then there were times where you held the ball too long when you could have started an awesome counter attack.  It’s going to take time to get used to I know.  When it comes to decision making you need a lot of experience.  I’m confident that you’ll get the hang of it by the midway point of the season.  Many of your saves were incredible and we definitely were fortunate to have you in goal this game.  I also want to add that I loved how you took responsibility for having a bad punt.  It’s good to see that you cared about your mistakes, it shows that you’ll try your best not to repeat it.


Matt - 9.4 - In the first half I don't think you ever kicked the ball up the field.  You always forced yourself to find a pass forward, and if you were ever in trouble, than you passed it back or sideways.  On top that, you rarely lost the ball.  The confidence shown on defense when having to hold on to the ball was incredible.  On top that, you defended very well 1 on 1.  You were sideways on, tight on the opponent, and always tried to time the tackle correctly.  You never appeared to dive in for a challenge.  That sort of patience will take you far as a player.  There wasn’t a lot of time for you to play left wing, but in the short amount of time that you were there, you did a great job.  Got around the defenders very well and distributed the ball perfectly for the forwards.  I definitely need to play you up there more and I’m hoping that once I can figure out who else can play defense, you will get more opportunities on offense. 


Michael - 7.5 - Appeared to be a bit lost in midfield, but that’s my fault since you never played there before.  On defense you looked comfortable, but you need to be more physical.  If you want to be a strong defender, you need to be able to use your body properly.  Always try to throw your body in between the opponent and the ball so that worst case scenario you can draw a foul.  Other than that, I didn’t see you in the game long enough to tell you more about how you played.  


Myungsoo - 7.8 - When you play well, you play amazing.  But occasionally you have moments where you lose track of what’s going on and those brief moments could end up leaving an unforgettable mark in the game.  As a center back you always have to be on your toes and quick to react.  There was a moment where a ball was bouncing awkwardly and you reacted so slowly that the opponent had no issue running by you with the ball and then luckily Matt recovered for you.  You would’ve been better off never going for the ball and instead dropping back a few yards.  So that’s a lack of reaction and anticipation at the same time.  And as a defender you have to be a fighter.  You have to be tough and physical.  


Eugene - 8.7 - A key moment we talked about at half time was that opponent being behind you for about 3 seconds and then him running by you to win the ball that you were both chasing.  I know that you are very fast for your age.  I also know that you probably don’t play too many opponents that are faster than you.  BUT, your lack of experience against quality, fast players was shown this game.  Because as discussed, you should have gotten your body in front of him to cut off his speed.  Due to that mistake the opponent had a great scoring opportunity.  This is not to say that it will work every time.  Sometimes you will try to get your body in front of the opponent and still get beat, but the effort should always be shown.  Outside of that one mistake, you actually did incredible.  Not only did you defend 1 on 1 very well, but you cut off the opponents passing lanes extremely well too.  In fact, there were many passes that you intercepted because you read the opponents intentions and knew where their teammates was without the ball.  On top of your defensive duties, you did a wonderful job getting up the field, which I had expected since you actually play wing.  I know you don’t like playing defense, but at the moment I like you a lot more as a defender.  When you play left wing, you always go forward and lose track of other options you can play.  HOWEVER, as a left back it’s okay to only go forward.  It’s okay to not seem too many options other than just 1 or maximum 2.  I honestly think this season you’d be an incredible attacking left back but at the end of the day that’s for you to decide.


Ethan - 7.7 - We talked for a bit after the game but just to sum up that conversation really quick, I felt like you kept forcing the ball forward too often and too quickly every time you got the ball.  You also appeared to be a bit slow in your short bursts, which as a center mid you need to be able to cover a space of 3 yards very quickly.  The one thing I didn’t mention however was how you also appeared to be slow in your decision making.  You would often have the right idea, but it was a second too late which allowed the opponents to often steal the ball.  Look, all of this is just things for you to improve on.  Frankly, you have succeeded in the most difficult part already, which is to be very skilled on the ball.  You’re a technical player and anyone watching the game could tell from your first touches on the ball.  Everything else will come with experience.


Seb - 9.5 - Wonderful game.  A true center mid.  You knew when to pass, where to pass it, when to hold the ball, when to do a fake, when to keep possession, and when to play a penetrating pass.  Most importantly, you were unpredictable because of the way you use your body to do feints.  I loved how you played and when you hit the crossbar I felt so bad.  You really deserved to score this game.  We didn’t deserve it as a team.  Many players made mistakes, I also made many mistakes as a coach, but you didn’t, so you definitely deserved that goal.  You kept possession very well, and you knew when to play a short quick pass and when to play a long pass.  Also, you were a genius with knowing how to use your body.  Despite being the smallest player on the field, you had the presence of a giant.  You protected the ball very well.  Keep up the good work.


Ken - 9.0 - I definitely made a mistake for not playing you in the center at all this game.  Unfortunately I didn’t have too many players that can run on the side so I had to put you there.  You scored a wonderful goal that you did all on your own, but for me the best play you had was when you sprinted across the field to block a shot that an opponent took inside our 18 yard box.   In that moment you didn’t care about your position or your own duties, but instead you cared about the team doing a great job.  That was admirable and I hope to see you take charge more often.  Outside of those events, you played well as far as timing your passes and drawing the opponents in.  As Rogers mentioned, you did force the ball inside too often rather than taking it wide yourself to allow our team to push up the field more, but I’m hoping that with time you’ll get the hang of that decision making.


Jordan - 8.0 - Great first half.  Eh second half.  First half I felt as though you were all over the field, taking players on without a problem, and even creating some of the only chances we had going forward.  However, second half you appeared tired and lazy.  You’d scream for the ball, yet you wouldn’t move.  You’d dribble and lose the ball, yet give up and not track back to recover.  When you switched to defense 2nd half you looked better.  Probably because it gave you a chance to rest a little bit.  BUT, you did dribble a bit too much when you switched to defense which I was not happy with.  Going forward I will be looking to see when you are getting tired and lazy, then perhaps switch you to defense as a result so that I can keep you on the field and not sub you off.  


Ismail - 7.2 - Very uninvolved.  You chased the ball a lot, and ran around tirelessly.  You beat yourself way too much for no reason because it didn’t do anything.  On the ball you just went forward.  The best chances came from the midfielders this game.  I hate to say it but it was as if we didn’t have anyone in front of the forwards.  We have spoken about this all the time, your job isn’t to just run around and hopefully get the ball and get lucky to score.  You need to help the midfielders keep possession.  You need to time your runs.  I mentioned this to you in the game.  You were asking for the ball while a defender was between you and your teammate with the ball.  You asked for the ball and waited for your teammate to kick it and then hoping to run after it.  Why?  Why not ask for it WHILE running?  You were a predictable player that the opponents were able to defend easily.  You need to learn to time your runs and be effective with your runs.  You ran so much for no reason, as a result when you did have a chance to shoot on goal, it was so weak and poor.  You were too tired Ismail.  You’re a great runner.  And you care a lot about playing well.  But I’m telling you right now, you can run 10 miles in a game and if you keep running for no reason it’s not going to help the team.  When you run in a game ask yourself, why did I just run?  You should have a purpose in your movement.  A reason to getting from point A to point B.   Ask yourself, am I checking to the ball?  Or am I just running forward all the time?  


Milan - 7.0 - You were only in the game for a short period of time, and in that short period of time you showed how wonderful of a first touch you have.  But unfortunately you were get brushed off the ball far too easily.  You need to be able to protect the ball and get your body between the ball and the defender when you need to.  I think you have massive potential to become a great player.  But at the moment a lot of work needs to be done as far as showing your presence on the field.  


Justin - 7.1 - I’ll never understand what you were thinking when you left your position to go chase the ball up the field.  You were literally next to the forward trying to pressure the ball.  As a result the opponents just passed the ball around, found that hole you left in front of the defenders, and penetrated through the middle to find the net.  Obviously I didn’t sub you out of the game because I knew you wouldn’t repeat that mistake.  So in the future I’m positive this will never become a topic of conversation again.  Outside of that mistake, you actually had a strong game.  You always looked to make the right decision with the ball, completed passes nicely, and tried hard to protect the 18 yard box.  Unfortunately, as a defensive player one mistake can make all the difference.  So I had to give you a low rating to point out the significance of it.  Also, there was a key moment where you hesitated to go in for a challenge.  As a result the opponent dribbled by you far too easily and almost scored.  You can’t second guess yourself.  Be confident.  If you are going to go in for a challenge, go in 100%.  If you are not going to commit to the challenge, take a couple of steps back and try to anticipate what the opponent might do with the ball.


Elkin - 8.8 - Great ability to read the game.  You positioned yourself very well to cut off penetrating passes on a number of occasions.  I know we didn’t talk about this but naturally you will need to talk to your defenders and keep them organized and aware.  There were also moments where you would look around to see where the opponents were, by checking your shoulder time to time.  That was great to see but you need to be careful with when you do it.  I’ll give you a prime example.  Eugene was containing a player on the left side and just when it looked like something about about to happen, such as a challenge perhaps, you looked behind you to the right side of the field to see what was going on.  You had the right idea, but poor timing.  In that moment when you looked behind you, Eugene got beat by the opponent.  As a result, instead of quickly reacting and sprinting back to cover ground, you were just finishing up looking behind you.  So that opponent technically beat both of you instead of just one.  Fortunately they didn’t score from that opportunity, but they should have.  You need to check your shoulder lightening fast, and you need to know when to do it.  Great game overall though as you won a lot of 50/50 balls and distributed the ball very well to the midfielders.  And as expected you were very strong physically against the opponents.