Baha Basaran has been a coach, friend, and advocate for me for the past 3 years of my soccer career. I first worked along side Baha as a player on Northern Valley Demarest’s Soccer team at the JV level. Baha was able to open me up and allow me to be more comfortable on the ball. After that season on Junior Varsity many people, even Varsity level coaches, said that I improved immensely and was a completely different player. In the year following I continued to play with Baha in a lot of small sided soccer. We would play futsol or go to a small caged field and play for hours. Playing with Baha isn’t just something you go and do for fun, it is 110% serious soccer until you get in your car and head home. I loved Baha’s seriousness and his energy really sets the tone for the entire team. The one thing that I loved about Baha Basaran the most was the way he spoke to his players, specifically at half time and after games. Baha always had something to say, whether it’d be constructive criticism or motivational speaking. He was able to speak to us as adults and not belittle us with just yelling. Baha always speaks from the heart and gets us all thinking about the game of soccer. Baha’s dedication to soccer is beyond what I have seen from any other person. After coming off of 2 ruptured Achilles tendons Baha was still able to play with his players during practice teaching us important strategy but also motivating us by just watching him play.
— Matt (age 18)
Coach Baha is more than a soccer coach and infact he is like a life coach for my kids. He has been the soccer coach for both of my boys currently 10 and 14 years old and he made them love soccer and showed them what it takes to be a professional soccer player. During his coaching, he was showing them not only the soccer techniques but also the importance of discipline, positive attitude and commitment to the team and the game. He also told them they have to be good academically in order to be part of the team which was very important for us . Both my wife and I are more than lucky to have Coach Baha as part of my two boys’ life and development and we thank him very much for great efforts and time commitment for our kids. We love you Coach Baha and we are glad you are part of our lives.
— Dr.Semra Karaburun and Mr. Richie Karaburun (parents)
Coach Baha has to be one of the best coaches I have ever had. He is the perfect combination between friend, mentor, and coach. One of his best attributes is that as he gets to know his players, he helps them identify new strengths in their game. He has a keen ability to get the best out of his players and consistently improve his team over the course of a season. Playing for him, my confidence has never been higher and my team’s chemistry is also better than it has ever been and that can all be attributed to his character. Additionally, he is the most dedicated coach that I have ever had in my ten-year soccer career. After each game, he would write a detailed 2-4 page document reviewing everybody’s play, including player ratings and what each player could improve on. Furthermore, at least one day a week he does extra training for free in his spare time with any players that want to get more touches on the ball or more practice. He is the kind of coach that is able to make his team play better than they actually are because of the confidence he gives them. Without a doubt, he is the most personable coach I have played for. His experience goes well beyond his years and his tactical knowledge makes him more than capable to pursue higher levels of coaching and competition.
— Michael (age 16)
By far the best coach I’ve ever had. Coach Baha really has something special when it comes to connecting with his players and helping them reach their full potential. He connects with each player on a personal level and gives them the confidence they need to play at a higher level than before. Baha also has a lot of knowledge when it comes to coaching. The things he has us do at practice truly help us improve as players. Every drill has a purpose, anything that Baha has you do will build your skills as a soccer player. I never had a coach that was able to improve so many players at such a quick rate. In the beginning of the season our team looked hopeless, but he turned us all around. Each player finished the season with confidence and skill they never thought they would be able to achieve. Having Baha as a coach truly is a blessing and I’m so happy I was able to meet him. I had one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and now I have a new friend that is going to push me to go even higher. I’m very grateful to have had you as a coach, Thank you so much Baha!
— Elkin (age 16)
Coach Baha is extremely knowledgeable, his understanding of soccer and his ability to read the players is spot on. Coach Baha is dedicated to his players. He goes above and beyond what a coach should do. He has additional training sessions(even if it’s just with two players). He has a gift with the players, he is kind, friendly and patient but is also discipline. This combination brings out the best in the players. He takes the time to writes up evaluations on the game to explain what the players have done right and what their have done wrong. This is the first time my son knows exactly what the coach is thinking. My son didn’t really want to play soccer anymore after playing for 7 years . But then Coach Baha came along, he is a god send. My son has improved over all and really enjoys playing soccer again. Thank you Coach Baha.
— Kathleen (parent)
We had such a fantastic experience having Baha coach our son. Aside from being passionate about teaching soccer skills and the ceaseless way you motivate the athletes, you have an innate skill to meet each athlete where they are at in their skill development. You take pride in seeing the athletes succeed and utilize the tools you teach them each session. Your focus has been on developing the best skill set for each soccer athlete and being able to differentiate amongst them in promoting their skill by taking into account each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. You have provided timely feedback to all participants on actions taken in a game. We have been so fortunate to have had you as a coach for our son. It has been such a positive experience for all involved.
— Ilene (parent)
Coach Baha has been a coach with more passion and dedication than most, if not all, of my prior coaches. He has both strategic insight and respect for the game, as well as experience with street ball. These aspects make him a great trainer for both technical skills and in-game decision making. He makes every experience both fun and educational, and leads by example whenever he plays with us. I have never had a coach volunteer more of his own time to work with struggling players. Whether it was from discussing professional soccer, playing small-sided games at our local fields for fun, or the organized practices twice a week, I feel like I have legitimately improved as a player during my relatively short time with Coach Baha.
— Sean (age 14)
You are a fantastic coach! You helped me improve on and off the field. You are always there whether it is soccer related or not. You give up your time to coach our team. You did extra training on Saturday mornings to improve my running and my skill level. You taught me when to pinch in, how to shield the ball and how to improve my speed in running and my ball skills. In a time period of two months you helped me become a successful soccer player. I hope you do amazing things in your soccer coaching career. I was very fortunate to have such a great coach like you! Thank you for coaching me!
— Jonah (age 14)
Our son, Sean Costa, really enjoyed his first experience with the Vikings Club and especially appreciated your expert coaching. Your diligence in challenging Sean to do his very best is very much appreciated by us. We all especially appreciate your always going above and beyond for the boys, i.e.: Open Communication and constructive performance critiques, extra practice opportunities, and game day enthusiasm.

Here’s hoping that Sean gets to work with you again!
— Maria (parent)