Duke - 10.0
Evar - 9.8
Rom - 9.7
Sean - 9.5
Nick - 9.2
Diego - 9.2
Tycho - 9.1
Elkin - 8.8
Daniel - 8.6
Corey - 8.6
Aidan - 8.5
Turlough - 8.0
Jonah - 8.0
Jake - N/A I won’t do this with U15s
Chris - N/A I won’t do this with U15s


Duke - 10.0 - I genuinely can’t think of a single thing you could’ve done better today.  You played every minute, didn’t seem exhausted, and that was all despite the knocks you had due to the hard tackles.  I was also extremely happy with your ability to go forward very well and even take a shot on goal.  The only thing I would encourage you to do is to be vocal and be confident in speaking out.  You have a great understanding of the game, your observations are often spot on, and it would be a shame to hide that from your teammates.  Today, for example, you could’ve told Diego to get back and help defensively… which by the way cost him a bit in the ratings.


Evar - 9.8 - Best game I’ve seen you play.  DIdn’t seem fatigued, played the ball well, and had some nice first touches on the ball.  Your biggest strength today was actually something that’s very difficult to teach; you were able to read the opponents passes and positioned yourself so well that you were able to intercept a lot of through balls.  You seemed very comfortable passing the ball and you always had the right idea.  Just like Duke however, you also need to try to be more vocal.  It’s a bit more crucial in your case because you were a center back.


Rom - 9.7 - You had an incredible game.  Best I’ve seen you.  However, as a striker you need to be able to create chances.  I’m not saying you have to score or get an assist, but you do need to create chances.  I think we had the ball up on their half enough times for you to have done a bit more with creating goal scoring opportunities.  You definitely have the skills and the quality to attack the defenders and draw them in before releasing the ball.  So think about that next game.  I was very pleased with you taking shots and trying to get involved.  Your dribbling and first touch on the ball were excellent.  I love the confidence and I hope to see it continue.  Just try to include everyone else in the attack, and not just look for passes when you can’t go forward… rather, look for passes for the simple fact that someone else might be in a better position to attack the goal than you.  Also, great header.  That was a true striker's header.  


Sean - 9.5 - Great game.  You had the best practices I’ve ever seen you in, and today you had the best game I’ve ever seen you in.  Absolutely incredible stuff.  Your downfall were the few times you had poor first touches on the ball.  However, with that said, due to your confidence you often accomplished what you had in mind, which is the most important thing.  You were able to dribble by opponents and pass the ball really well.  You still need to work on your dribbling and first touches though.  You pulled it off today with dribbling, but that doesn't mean the quality is where it should be.  I know you’re capable of more and I hope to see it on the field.  Defensively I also loved how you often recovered from mistakes.  Really impressive all around. 


Nick - 9.2 - At your level I have to use the fact that you struggled to play almost all game against you.  I would have loved to see you play longer and it was unlucky that we had to have you sit out more than you should’ve.  Despite that, you were great.  You created great chances and you had incredible touches on the ball.  Your dribbling skills, decision making, and the weight of your passes are all excelling.  I just really need you to play longer.  


Diego - 9.2 - Your rating is higher than I would have wanted to make it because you got a nice assist.  What really hurt your rating is that second half you struggled to get back to help defensively.  At times I thought you were a 3rd striker.  After I reminded you to get back you did a great job in doing it.  Towards the end of second half you looked amazing again.  I loved how you used your body and forced the defenders to hesitate from diving in for a steal.  Great game Diego but you need to remember your defensive responsibilities.  Also, I’d love for you to dribble a bit more.


Tycho - 9.1 - I can’t express how proud I was of you.  You really were unpredictable going forward and you looked fantastic on the ball.  You spread out well, had great first touches on the ball, dribbling by opponents skillfully, and completed nice passes.  You even took a nice shot on goal.  Unfortunately, the poor pass back had a significant consequence.  However, I can’t hold that against you too much because it was my lack of explanation that also resulted in that mistake.  One, you may have been too close to the goalie, at which point it’s risky. and I never mentioned that.  Two, the goalie should be coming to the side of the goal so that if you pass hard (it looked like you were scared to pass it hard) then it would just go out for a corner kick if the goalie missed it.  I held it against you just a bit in the ratings, but without that mistake you probably would have gotten something in the high 90s.  Also, I was impressed with your fitness.  You didn’t seem tired at all.  Fantastic job all around.  


Elkin - 8.8 - Naturally I hold you to a high standard.  I definitely think you could’ve done a lot better.  That’s not to say that you weren’t great today, but you definitely could’ve been better.  I wish that you would try to get more involved when you don’t get the ball enough.  For example, yes you might be playing left forward, but if you don’t get the ball enough I doubt I will care where you go as long as you get in a spot to touch the ball.  Be confident because I definitely trust you.  Also, don’t be afraid to dribble more.  


Daniel - 8.6 - First of all, great pass to start the attack that led to a goal.  Your positioning was also great off the ball.  But your fitness is just extremely poor.  I would have loved to play you the whole game, but I’m lucky if you can even play half.  I have to hold that against you unfortunately.  But I love the way you play.  You seem very intelligent off the ball and even though your dribbling can use a bit more improvement as far as having tricks up your sleeve, you use your physical traits very well to help yourself get past opponents.


Corey - 8.6 - Where were the scissors and the fakes today?  That’s what I wanted to see the most from you.  Also, you missed a great opportunity in front of goal which is totally fine, but the upsetting part is that you didn’t even try to kick it.  Perhaps your view was blocked and you didn’t see the ball coming but you need to try to anticipate those balls and position yourself in a way where you can have a look at the ball.


Aidan - 8.5 - You made some great saves in goal, but you really are lacking some of the fundamentals.  Vikings does have a goalkeeping trainer who is fantastic and I would really recommend working with him.  He does it occasionally during the season and I can try to get you in touch with him the next time he does it.  As far as being a raw talent you are fantastic, but at some point those fundamental skills are really going to hurt you.  The technique in grabbing the ball in the air, or the technique in getting the ball on the ground, those are things that really need to be done properly.  If you ever tryout somewhere those techniques will be scrutinized.  But good job overall, and most importantly to me, great job adjusting to the things I wanted you to do.  


Turlough - 8.0 - You struggled today.  You had some really nice moments.  I loved the chest control followed by the header pass.  Your technique on the ball was nice, and you moved the ball well.  But you got injured way too quickly and prior to getting injured you weren’t making an impact in the game.  You had couple of nice moments, but that was about it.  The worst part was that you were getting frustrated with your teammates on the field.  You have a great understand of the game and as much as I love how you analyze the game, and as much as I love how you express it on the sideline, I wish you could express it just as well while playing.  Instead, you get very upset and frustrated when you try to say something to a teammate during the game.  Just try to be careful with that going forward.  


Jonah - 8.0 - First half you were amazing.  Second half you weremaking decisions so slowly on the ball that we ended up missing out on some good counter attacking opportunities.  In fact, we ended up losing the ball in general and I had to take you off.  Consistency is very important.  When you struggle to keep the ball, you have to release it quick so that you can build confidence again and allow the opponents to assume you will always pass it quick.  That’s how you can become unpredictable.  First half you were so great holding onto the ball and shielding nicely, and then even making some nice really quick passes.  I don’t know what happened in the second half.  I can’t see it being fatigue because all you had to do was move the ball quick.  Perhaps you lost concentration because you were tired?  I don’t know, but let’s try to get you to be consistent.