Emerson vs saddle river day


Line up.jpg

Pat: Communicate with your defenders and most importantly if you have to clear the ball be sure to kick it diagonally to the corners. I’d much rather lose the ball there. Don’t kick it down the middle.

Storz / Burt: Remember to stay very tight and guide your full backs and center mids as well. Also, if one of you steps up to pressure the ball the other one shouldn’t be on the same line. The other player should drop to provide cover. So if Storz goes up to win a header, Burt you need to drop a few yards incase the ball goes over him.

Jared / Wolf: You guys need to press the ball when you need to, and stay extremely compact when the ball is on the side of the other full back. You guys have to see down the field at all times so that you know if you need to play a quick ball forward or take space, so make sure you guys are checking your shoulder.

Joey: You can’t lose the ball. If you do you have to win it back. Keep it simple, just connect passes. Most importantly remember to force the opponents not to switch the ball and to force them going forward so that we don’t have to shift defensively. So basically cut off their passing lanes to the other side of the field, force them towards our defenders.

Trimble / Clouse: You have to help Joey. You guys need to drop and create that second line in front of the defenders. On the right side of the field Joey AND Clouse should be preventing the other team from switching the ball, and on the left side it should be Trim and Joey if he can get there in time. But you guys have the same responsibility as Joey defensively. When you guys attack it’s very rare that you should both be attacking at the same time. Usually if one of you is going extremely high to attack then the other should be dropping back a little bit unless there’s a great opportunity to make an excellent run forward.

On a side note, I don’t want you guys to go very high on goal kicks anymore. Unless you plan on checking back immediately.

Landon / Denilson: Experiment with running inside this game. Try to get a feel for when it’s the right time to run inside or diagonally go behind the defenders and when it’s not. Don’t forget your defensive responsibilities and drop back while staying tucked in when we don’t have the ball. Try to look for a combination play and take players on if there is space behind them.

Danny: Whatever you decide to do you have to follow it up with 2 actions. The first is to either ask for it by saying “feet” or “through” so that you are specific with what you want. Don’t just say your teammates name or say ball because that’s not specific enough. The second is to first make a movement that is the opposite of what you want to do. If you want a through ball then take a couple of steps to check in before making a run behind the defender. If you want the ball at your feet, then you should first make a movement forward as if you are making a run behind the defender and then check to the ball. This will move the opponents and help you receive the ball. Also, try not to be reactive. Meaning, don’t run once the ball is passed. Try to be proactive, run before the ball is passed so that you can dictate where the ball should be played.