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Match Preview:

TEAM - Look to get the ball back after making a pass.  If you made a long pass then you should look to move to a better spot in general.  Check your shoulders, open you hips, and avoid straight lines.  Stay extremely compact when we defend, and don't force width until we have control of the ball.

Pat - Make sure you are outside the box when the ball is in the opponent's half.  You have to be comfortable coming out of the 18.

Storz / Burt - If Cresskill presses extremely high with a lot of numbers forward, then play a couple of long balls so that we can make them sit back again, allowing us to play out of the back easier.  

Jared / Wolf - Remember to start high and wide.  Come back if the passing lanes to Storz / Burt aren't available.

Liam - Don't be afraid to come back very deep to start an attack.  Almost as if we are playing a back 3 with you being the CB.

Trimble - Be confident enough to go forward and take shots.  Remember to help Liam defensively.

Clouse - You're surrounded by players that will give the ball back to you so trust them and make the short 5 yard passes knowing you'll get it back.  Remember to help Liam defensively.

Joey / Danny / Denilson - Look to make L runs or diagonal run rather then just going straight.  Try to take part in the rondos and get the ball to your feet and then when you play it back to someone then you can make a run forward.  Be sure to stay high when we have the ball.