Total passes completed in the first half = 160

Ramazan - N/A (read comments, it’s not blank)
Matt - 8.3
Elkin - 9.5
Eugene - 9.6
Myungsoo - 9.5
Seb - 8.8
Ken - 9.4
Ethan - 9.4
Ismail - 9.0
Jordan - 9.6
Diego - 8.5
Joe - 9.0
David - 9.6
Mike - 8.0
Sam - 8.4
Justin - N/A
Eric - 9.0
Milan - N/A (read comments, it’s not blank)

Ramazan - N/A - You were never really challenged in the first half when you were playing goalie so it was difficult for me to rate you.  My only big advice is that when you play goalie don’t always feel rushed to get rid of the ball.  Allow yourself to take a touch if you can.  


Matt - 8.3 - You lost the ball easily on a few occasions and I think that if we played against a stronger team, there would have been consequences on us as a whole because they should have scored.  You have to feel comfortable using your body and dominating the ball on your own.  Just throw your body in there and hold the ball if you can.  Also, you don’t have to always go forward.  If a winger passes it back to you and you don’t see an immediate option going forward, AND there’s pressure coming your way, just turn around and pass it to the goalie, UNLESS we are playing on a bad field.  But this game we were not on a bad field.


Elkin - 9.5 - You're far too consistent in this position and the coaching staff couldn’t be happier.  Your ability to cut off passing lanes, anticipate the opponent’s next move, and be confident and composed on the ball is a massive boost to those playing with you on the field. Keep up the good work.


Eugene - 9.6 - Another incredible game.  Your ability to go up the field and to start attacks with a forward pass from defense is incredible.  There was even an instant where you were under heavy pressure and somehow you found a wonderful pass forward to Diego and then kept running to get the ball back from an overlap.  Absolutely incredible.


Myungsoo - 9.5 - Significantly better this game.  You were wide and up the field.  This game you definitely played the way I have wanted you to play this whole season.  I couldn’t be happier.  Of course we still need you to be a bigger threat going forward, but I can always say that.  All in all, excellent decision making this game and great job on going up the field when you should have.


Seb - 8.8 - It’s going to be rare that both you and Ken will have an excellent game.  Perhaps him dominating the ball this game forced you to be a bit less involved than usual.  You still did a great job but you shined less because everyone was having a great game.  Keep playing well and hopefully next game you’ll have a bigger presence on the field.


Ken - 9.5 - You were amazing this game.  Very involved, NEVER bunched up, kept finding space, AND constantly made the right decision.  Even when you lost the ball you were making the right decisions.  Great game and hopefully you can stay consistent. 


Ethan - 9.4 - Another great game.  Again, you’re one of those players that has a massive role to play OFF the ball.  But on the ball you were a lot better this game than last game which was great to watch.  Your decisions on the ball were excellent and hopefully you can keep it consistent.


Ismail - 9.0 - Wonderful goal.  And it really was all you.  You stole the ball, then rocked the shot.  Outside of that goal, you did a nice job moving the ball forward.  HOWEVER, it’s still very frustrating that you always go forward.  I’d like to see you check to the ball more and spread the ball wide.  Doing it once or twice isn’t enough.  It has to be half the time.


Jordan - 9.6 - EXCELLENT game.  It was the best I have ever seen you play.  You literally made the right decision EVERY TIME.  Even when I didn’t see the best possible decision, you were able to find it and execute it.  You do get tired too quick though and it would be nice to see you play the whole game.  You really need to play on your own as well to make sure that your fitness level stays high.  And during the off season I would highly recommend going for a run as often as possible… with a ball of course.


Diego - 8.5 - Wonderful improvement from last game.  You were very involved this game.  In fact, that is exactly why you received an 8.5.  You were more involved in 5 minutes of this match than you were the entire match last game.  HOWEVER, going forward your rating will be based more on execution.  This match you really struggled to not lose the ball. You gave it away far too easily far too often in situations that should have been very easy for you to not lose the ball.  It was disappointing and I do expect better.


Joe - 9.0 - Super sub.  You came in the game and not only scored after 90 seconds but also gave everyone on the team the momentum to go forward and be quicker.  The game totally changed when you went in.  But I do hate how quickly you get fatigued and run out of gas.  I hope to see you last longer next game and hopefully make a longer impact.


David - 9.6 - THAT TOUCH!!!!! And a nice goal on top of it.  Great game all around and you impressed us again with your nice outside of the foot quick passes.  Keep up the good work.


Mike - 8.0 - Both goals could have been avoided.  You can’t allow one mistake to get the best of you, or else it’ll lead to more mistakes.  Things happen, you gotta move on, even if it just happened 5 minutes ago.  You were doing awesome until we conceded the easy goals.  Also, you know how much I love it when you go up the field, but don’t be too close to the center backs.  If you go up, you have to make sure they go up, meaning… don’t be afraid to tell them to go forward.


Sam - 8.4 -  One of your stronger games for sure, but you still need to be able to do a lot more, which is exactly why I was quick to sub in Joe for you.  You were slow off the ball, your reflexes were far too slow to get the ball, and even in that clip where you missed a good chance in front of the goal, I didn’t mind you not scoring at all, but that body behavior where you looked like you were just going for a stroll in the box was just very poor.  You could literally watch yourself kicking the ball as if you weren’t even trying.  And that’s how you strike me when you don’t have the ball, you look like you’re going for a stroll on the field.  You need to bend your knees, and take quicker steps sideways and try to react quicker to unpredictable situations such as when the ball in bouncing awkwardly.


Justin - N/A - Not only were you not in the game long enough but I was also attending Myungsoo’s injury and focusing on other things.  So I can’t give much of a feedback. 


Eric - 9.0 - Great game attacking forward.  You could have even scored if you were a bit more composed because you definitely had the space and the skill to dribble forward to take a closer shot.  Defensively I still think you can improve on one on one defending and taking away the opponent’s shots and crosses by staying tight on them and containing them.  But all in all great game. 


Milan - N/A - You weren’t in there for long enough for me to really get an opinion on how you played, and the video quality on the second half was terrible.  But, from what I did see you did a great job finally using your body to possess the ball.  I was going to give you an 8.7 but it wouldn’t have been fair considering that I just didn’t see you in the game for long enough.  But as I said, from the small bit that I saw I thought you did great.  You seemed very comfortable on the ball, very confident, and I love that you’re not afraid to lose your left foot.