Emerson vs waldwick


lineup vs waldwick.jpg

TEAM - Check your shoulder, hips, and press. Switch the ball quickly, and let’s try to find Landon, Danny, or Clouse’s feet quickly. Look for splits and combinations. Remember to stay very compact from defense to offense when we are defending. When playing out of the back, everyone should be moving to provide support and try to play 2-3 touch max because you will be under tons of pressure.

Pat - When in doubt kick it out (to the sides).

Jared / Wolf - Don’t push up too high. If the ball is on the right side of the field then Jared you have to drop and tuck in. Same thing for Wolf if the ball is on the left side. Even if we have the ball but it looks like we may lose it, make sure you anticipate the transition and just drop and tuck in on the opposite side. Also, be sure to use your buddy to protect the ball. You can’t afford to lose possession easily.

Storz / Burt - Feel free to use Pat but as soon as he kicks the ball up make sure you guys are going central to protect the middle. Storz make sure you are vocal today.

Joey - You can’t lose the ball in dangerous areas. If you don’t know what’s behind you don’t risk turning into danger. Play 2-3 touches. You’re at your best when you play simple. Don’t dribble forward too much because that’s when you often lose the ball. Also make sure to prevent Waldwick from switching the ball.

Trimble / Denilson - Focus on your defensive responsibilities today and really help out Joey in the middle. Prevent the opponent from switching the ball by forcing them forward and I’ll be quick to sub you guys out if the defensive work rate is lacking today.

Landon / Clouse - Don’t be afraid to come inside to get the ball and play quick combinations.

Danny - Make sure you check back if you’re not getting the ball much. If you do make runs remember to be proactive and not reactive. So if you make a run be sure to make an L run. Maybe move inside and a little to the left if you want to run forward to the right. Try to also stay a bit more central. If you get a ball in the wide areas just play it inside without looking very quickly so that people are running into the ball rather than receiving it at their feet.