emerson vs park ridge



Team -  Can we play a bit more direct and try to exploit the space behind the defenders?  Remember to constantly check your shoulder and open your hips.  Stay compact on defense. Closest player pressures the ball.

Pat - Keep being vocal. 

Jared / Wolf - Go high on goal kicks and during the build up phase try to get higher regardless of whether or not we are losing the ball a lot.  

Joey - Try not to dribble much, just kick the ball up the field whenever you’re in doubt.  

Storz - Can we find one of the center mids?

Rausch - Utilize the full backs and try to play direct when you can. Don’t be shy from making forward runs.

Burt - When Rausch runs forward can you cover him?  Try to make forward runs as well.

Clouse - Trust your teammates with the ball because they will definitely give it back to you if you move to get it back.  And try to play a few balls behind the defenders since our goal is to play a bit more direct.  You should also be trying to get behind the defenders.

Landon / Danny - Try to time your runs so that you can receive the ball in stride rather than having to slow down too much for it.  And remember to disguise your runs.  

Jordan - Disguise your runs and mix it up by also checking back to get the ball at your feet.  This will allow the center mids to exploit the space behind you so you’ll be helping them out as well.